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  • The project

    United World Project wants to involve the youth all over the world, as they deepen the reality of universal brotherhood. How? Read More
  • United World Watch

    We support the establishment of the United World Watch that will highlight the importance of brotherhood through studies, research and advocacy Read More
  • United World Workshop

    We request the recognition on an institutional and international level the United World Week, operating for more than a decade Read More
  • United World Network

    Everyone who wants to pacefully revolutionize their cites, nations, and states could be part of this international youth network Read More
  • "Sharing with Africa"

    Discovering the gift that the African continent is for the whole world Read More
  • Politics for Unity

    The international event, which will connect up a series of conferences and seminars in various cities around the world, aims to draw on the rich patrimony of thoughts and practices by Chiara Lubich on the 7th anniversary of her death Read More
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