FAO, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, involved the Teens for Unity and the Youth for a United World, the new generations of the Focolare Movement in the whole world, to achieve the goal: #ZeroHunger. An invitation to commitment that is to involve everyone.

Zero Hunger 1The Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development is an action program for people, the planet, and prosperity signed in September 2015 by the governments of the 193 member countries of the UN. It includes 17 Sustainable Development Goals into a large action program for a total of 169 common goals.

The second of these 17 objectives focuses on the elimination of hunger in the world (#ZeroHunger) and, to implement it, this year, the FAO (United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization) proposed to the teens and the youth of the Focolare all over the world to involve their peers, collaborating in daily life and through special initiatives to achieve the #ZeroHunger goal.

The homeless and street children of Nairobi, Kenya, have a reason to smile after a Catholic parish started a program for rehabilitating and educating them in a bid to help them find a meaning in life.

Nairobi 1Most of the homeless in Nairobi have engaged in criminal activities due to the desperate situation of life they find themselves in. Young children have been left as orphans after their parents died as a result of drug abuse or diseases.

The Consolata Catholic parish church, in partnership with other well-wishers has started various programs for helping the needy within the parish community. The programs include: educational centers - with one already built in a nearby slum called Deep Sea -, sports activities to bring the youth together with other youth members of the parish, and a feeding program.

February 1 will be the starting day of "FraterniTALES," the United World Contest that will select among the participants 30 Ambassadors of the United World. Let us discover the backstage of the Contest through the words of Federica Chiaro and Giacomo Fabris, Youth for a United World and problem-solvers of the Contest.

UWC 1Federica Chiaro, 27, from Nettuno (Province of Rome), after a master's degree in international relations, started a collaboration with the university where she graduated, dedicating herself to the training of the new generations. Specifically, she plans training activities for those who are to become the leaders of the future, on ethics, responsibility, and sustainability, focusing on the development of an ethical leadership. Giacomo Fabris, 21, from Trieste (North-Eastern Italy), is attending the third year of a three-year degree course in Political Sciences, International Relations, and Human Rights, at the University of Padua, Italy.
What do Federica and Giacomo have in common? Two things, for sure: both are Italian Youth for a United World and, recently, they have been dedicating all their spare time to the organization of the FraterniTALES Contest.

"New frontiers for a new humanity." This is how the Italian journalist Franco di Mare entitled his interview to Paola Garbini Siani, founder and volunteer of the Association “La Goccia Onlus” during an information program on the Italian National Public TV Broadcaster, RaiUnoMattina.

Paola 1I watched the live broadcast on January 4 at the request of Paola herself, who considered my "presence at a distance" as an encouragement, as if the fact of knowing that her friends were watching the program made it easier for her to share her Africa.

"In 2002, I made my first trip to Burkina Faso. I got there almost by chance, together with the Camillian women religious, to bring a statue of Our Lady to a sewing school we were setting up. That evening, after celebrating for this gift, I could not get asleep. I was wondering: what did I come to Africa for? Just to bring a statue of Our Lady? But what should this people do with a ceramic statuette, with all this poverty? I kept crying all night long, and at dawn I turned this question to Our Lady. At a given moment, I perceived her answer: you can be my arms, my heart".

From Ancona, Italy, we received this small seed of brotherhood, which came about on the occasion of New Year's Eve 2018. Here's what they wrote to us.

Ancona 1« With our friends of the city of Ancona, with whom we try to live the culture of unity, we have been collaborating with the Diocesan Caritas, the canteen of the ‘Opera Padre Guido’ (Work of Fr. Guido), and the Xaverian Laity for various local initiatives. From this friendship, the idea went through of organizing a New Year's party together: not a party for the "poor" but for everyone.

The year 2017 left us with a nice surprise. Going through our inbox, we found a message from Bahare Safavi, a young woman from Iran who collaborates with the Peace Sprit Foundation, based in Teheran, as a translator. She reached out to us, asking to collaborate with the United World Project editorial team. For her first article, we asked her to tell us something about the work carried out by the Foundation she is part of. This is her first piece, in which she offers us a most interesting fragment of fraternity – the first in a long series, at the very beginning of this 2018.


Peace Sprit Foundation is a civil society organisation which has been working for 13 years. Our dream is to enhance peace across the world. Peace Sprit Foundation started its work with the name of Bayan Iran Association (NGO) in 2005. At that time, the team focused on women and youth issues, lifestyle and social life in Iran.

Peace Sprit Foundation (PSF) is based in Tehran, Iran, and it is dedicated to promoting peace across the world. PSF was founded by Hamidreza Gholamzadeh together with a group of cooperative civil activists from Tehran. In 2009, The NGO won the WYSA prize for promoting UN SDGs on empowering women.

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