Action for Peace

We are deeply troubled by all the conflicts that are causing migrations of peoples, extreme poverty, hunger and social injustices, and we are personally committed to finding practical solutions.  We identify with the principle of universal fraternity and are committed to living according to the Golden Rule shared by all religions and people of good will:
“Do to others as you would have them do to you” (Christian text Luke 6:31).
We have started by helping in situations of need on the ground; with media campaigns, and reflections and suggestions by experts in international relations, dialogue and politics.
Through seeds of fraternity spread throughout the world, we are supporting projects, actions and initiatives aimed at making humanity become one family.
We want to bring our plea for peace, through the #signupforpeace Appeal, to the U.N., UNESCO and other national and international institutions, so that they may feel even more urged to take concrete steps towards peace, through political and legislative channels.

Action for Peace

sign up for peace2

Online signatures: 11.981
On Paper signatures: 1.913
Total signatures: 13.894

unita cristianiThe Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, which is celebrated in the Northern Hemisphere, on January 18 – 25, offers an opportunity to highlight not only many events that are taking place around the world, but also the daily dialogue of life among ordinary Christians, aroused by Chiara Lubich's charism.

Attentato Istanbul2The year 2017 started with the news of the umpteenth terrorist attack. Pope Francis invitation to work for peace, and from Istanbul: “We want to continue living for peace”.

sophiaFace to face with Piotr Zygulski, born in 1993, from a Polish father and an Italian mother, student of the Sophia University Institute. An insight on why he made such an important decision.

argentinaThe Solidarity and Sustainable Tourism Programme in the North West of Argentina (TSNOA) is designed for 600 people of five indigenous and peasant communities, characterized by unemployment and poverty, which have in turn generated violence, alcoholism, loss of cultural identity and forced migration from their respective locations.


The three-year project Chance For Tomorrow was founded to provide continuity and consolidate the educational and training activities carried out by about 8 years by the Foundation Koz Kazah in Shubra community, one of the most popular neighborhoods of Cairo.

bruxelles1Tomaso Comazzi represented New Humanity during the presentation of the Freedom of Educatio Index 2016. The event has been presented by Mr Antoine Renard, President of the European Federation of Catholic Family Associations (FAFCE); Mr Alfred Fernandez, General Director of OIDEL NGO; Mr Ignasi Grau, Official Representantive from the same NGO.

emausThis is the title of the speech by Focolare President Maria Voce at UNESCO headquarters in Paris on the 20th anniversary of the awarding of the Prize for Peace Education to Chiara Lubich

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