Like every year, in early May the Youth for a United World all over the world have made a lot of activities and initiatives within the United World Week. Below you find some other fragments (and others at these links: 1 - 2 - 3).

17328568842 4cc9d025df zLoppiano, Italy. In 1500 people for the 42nd edition of the May 1st Youth Meeting at Loppiano, inside the United World Week 2015. "A network" to meet the challenges of multiculturalism, integration and violence. A big blue door and many keys were the symbols of this edition of May 1st in 2015 which carries the title "Outside - Look. Choose. Be." look at the photos

Mendoza, Argentina. The Y4UW with the Teens for Unity of Mendoza, together with the association "Una Mano por la Paz", organized two marathons in Lake Park, 2k or 5k, walking, running, cycling or skateboarding. They made a phone connection with the guys from Lithuania to "pass the baton" as the city that continue to carry on the activity. They collected food, books and stationery for institutions that need that.

Syria. They went into an orphaned kindergarten andthey made cakes, biscuits, bracelets, etc.; they played with the children and share with them all the day. 65 other young people from other cities of the country instead, despite the risks of travel, wanted to get together for two days.

Bangui, Central African Republic. They cleaned around the Apostolic Nunciature, that becomes dirty because there is an open-air market right there; they talked with the merchants and continued to ask the municipality to intervene to maintain cleanliness. Then they made some conferences about the role of young people for peace, they invited young Catholics and Protestants (not the Muslims, because it wasn't harmless for their safety). They played soccer together, with the rules of peace inside the game. In the end they danc and sing with the community.

Córdoba, Argentina. Alongside the Teens for Unity, the Y4UW of Córdoba made some experiences and photos in their different environments: with their families, in schools, in the city center, where they took pictures and explained the action to the people there. Look at the video on Facebook: link

Kiev, Ukraine. From May 1st to 3rd, for a program with young people, families and children - also from Slovakia -, they came together to know each other and to support thier friends there.

Guatemala. Young people of Guatemala met up and drew up close ties of brotherhood with the rural community of San Rafael Los Bados.

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