Experience of Abraham, young Mexican

994096 10152158405681015 65873537 nHello, my name is Abraham and I come from Mexico, which is a country of noble people and great faith, a people with arms open to the world.

Today we are livingin a difficult situation.The fight against drug trafficking began in 2006, a war that in eight years has killed more peoplethan the Vietnam War. All these people are not just criminals, sometimes they are innocent journalists, activists, and others.

Often people demonstrate because too little is being done andthe government is losing credibility, in the economic and social crisis.

I live in the city of Mexico, where everyday life presents a new challenge. Nonetheless, I believe in a united world and in the ideal of universal fraternity.

So I know that change must start with me; I can’t wait for others to make the first move, not even the authorities.

I have been offered drugs several times andpeople have robbed me for money. I even responded to these peoploe with a smile. Sometime ago, on my way home after school, a young man came up to me and asked for a cigarette; just then the police arrived to pick us up. He had drugs in his pocket and I had only books in my backpack. They started beating him while the other policeman put a gun tomy head and asked me where I had drugs. When they were gone, I helped the young man to his feet and gave him the little money I had.He gave me a hug and told me:do you realise that this money means that my family will eat something today? I saw that these people need something they have not got, or have simply grown up in a difficult family and society. A small act of love can do a great deal of good that we can’t always see.

Though I can do very little, I try to see my neighbors and the people on the street with new eyes. Together with other friends, I want to make a concrete contribution: so on March 20, the youth who belong to the Movement for Unity in Politics and other organizations met at the Mexican Senate to spend a day with the politicians on dialogue, which is very important in a world that wants to listen.

I believe that a united world is possible.

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