Condolences from the director of the Tevere Centre for Dialogue in Rome, Italy, Mustafa Cenap Aydin in the face of the Paris attacks: responding to the “inhuman” attacks by reinforcing a spirit of unity and brotherhood.

“The tragic news of the horrendous terrorist attacks in the French capital has filled us with profound sorrow. Our thoughts, solidarity and prayers go to the victims, the wounded and their families, to their loved ones and to the French people.” With these words of condolence, Mustafa Cenap Aydin, director of the Tevere Centre for Dialogue in Rome expressed his dismay over recent terrorist attacks in France.

He went on: “I unite myself to the message of the learned Muslim scholar, writer and educational activist M. Fethullah Gülen: ‘Every terrorist act from whomever it comes, is a heavy blow to the peace and tranquility of all humanity. These vile acts of terrorism are attacks not only against the French people, but also against the universal values of human brotherhood’.”

“We will never grow tired of condemning all those who feed violence, hatred and fear by reproachfully abusing a religion, an ideology, for cruel and inhuman goals.”

Gülen, who inspires millions with his message of love and compassion, invites everyone to join   him in prayer that God would lead “all of humanity to a world of peace and tranquility” and “to act in solidarity against every form of terrorism; to become involved in the realisation of universal peace”.

“We shall respond to these ‘inhuman acts,” Mustafa Cenap Aydin concluded, “by reinforcing even more the spirit of unity and brotherhood. These attacks cannot but convince us even more of the importance of dialogue, conciliation and brotherhood; and to increase our commitment to spreading it. We are obviously convinced that peace will prevail. Let us call upon and appeal to one and all, to unite with us in this effort.”

Source: Città

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