15 12 2015Nightfall in Paris has brought the promise of a new dawn in the bid to arrest global warming.

One hundred and ninety five countries have agreed a landmark deal on climate change.

“I now invite the COP (conference of the parties) to adopt the draft decision entitled ‘Paris agreement’ which features in the document. I’m looking around the room, I see that the reaction is positive, I don’t hear any objection, the Paris agreement for the climate is accepted,” President of the Climate Conference Laurent Fabius.

Positive and effusive after two weeks of negotiations resulted in the accord which will be in part legally binding and partly voluntary.

It has been welcomed by world leaders with US Secretary of State John Kerry saying it is a victory for all the planet and for future generations.

The accord will set the course for what is seen as an “historic” transformation for the world’s fossil fuel-driven economy within decades though activists believe there is still work ahead.

“This deal does not get us out of the hole. We are still in the deep hole. What is different about the moment we are in is that the sides of the hole become less deep and there are some hooks there that we can now get and build the growing movement of people around the world,” Kumi Naidoo International Executive Director Greenpeace told reporters.

“With a small hammer you can achieve great things,” said Laurent Fabius as he gavelled the agreement central to which is to limit the increase of the average temperature well below two degrees centigrade and to push to keep it at 1.5 degrees.

It will also provide billions more dollars to help poor nations cope with the transition.

Source: EuroNews.com

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